Benq Projector Keeps Turning Off? (Try These Hacks)

Have you been frustrated by your Benq projector randomly powering off while you’re trying to enjoy a movie or presentation? If your Benq projector consistently shuts down after only a short period of use, you’re not alone. 

In this post, we’ll explore some of the common reasons why a Benq projector would keep turning off and offer solutions to help solve this annoying issue.

Benq Projector Keeps Turning Off? (Causes and Solutions)

Benq Projector Keeps Turning Off

It’s common for Benq projectors to turn off when some technical issue arises. 

Let’s the causes of why your projector may be turning off and talk about potential solutions you can try in order to get it back up and running.


The most common cause of a projector shutting down is overheating. Overheating can occur during extended periods of use, as well as when the projector is not properly ventilated in a hot or humid environment. If there is too much dust build-up inside the projector, this may also contribute to problems with overheating.

Solution – To prevent overheating, ensure that your projector has plenty of room around it for adequate ventilation and airflow. 

Lamp Problems

The projector’s lamp may be a contributing factor to its turning off. If the bulb is not installed properly, it could cause the projector to shut down. Additionally, if your projector has been in use for a long period of time, the lamp may need to eventually be replaced as its brightness will gradually dim over time. 

Solution – To prevent lamp-related issues, make sure to replace the bulb as soon as it begins to dim.

Power Supply Issues

The projector’s power supply can also be a contributing factor in its shutting down. If your power cord isn’t securely plugged into a wall outlet, or if the voltage of the outlet is incorrect for the device, this could cause it to shut off.

Solution –  Make sure you’re using a stable power source and that all connections are secure before attempting to use the projector. 

Faulty Projector Settings

Sometimes projector settings can become corrupted or faulty, causing it to shut down unexpectedly. 

Solution – To fix this, you should attempt a factory reset of the projector and see if that resolves the issue.

Internal Hardware or Software Issues

In some cases, hardware or software issues can cause your BenQ projector to turn off due to conflicts with the main board or firmware. This is rare but can happen. 

Solution – If you suspect this to be the cause, then contact BenQ support for further assistance and advice on what steps you should take.

Dust Accumulation

Dust accumulation is a common issue when it comes to electronics, and projectors are no exception. Over time dust and dirt can build up inside your projector, causing it to overheat and turn off unexpectedly. 

Solution – To prevent dust buildup, you should regularly clean the projector’s internal components with compressed air or a soft brush.

If you find yourself still having trouble with your Benq projector turning off, contact a service center for help. Professional technicians can diagnose and solve any hardware or software issues you may have, and ensure that your projector is in its best condition. 

Tips and Best Practices to Prevent the Projector From Turning off in the Future

Follow these best practices to reduce the chances that your projector will turn off when you are in the middle of something urgent.

Check Your Cables

Make sure all HDMI and power cords are securely connected before each use. If any cables are loose or frayed, replace them- Invest in surge protection. A good power surge protector will help ensure that the projector doesn’t lose power due to a sudden fluctuation or outage

Use Dark Mode

When using the projector, switch to its “dark mode” setting if available. Dark mode reduces the amount of light output from the projector and thus requires less energy for optimal performance 

Clean Airfilters

Dust and dirt build-up in the projector, especially its air filter, which can cause it to overheat and shut off. Clean the filter regularly with a vacuum or compressed air 

Perform Regular Maintenance 

Have your projector serviced by a qualified technician every few months to ensure that all components are working properly and that no damage has occurred 

Keep It Cool

Make sure the projector is located in a well-ventilated area that won’t overheat due to excess sunshine or other sources of heat. Also, make sure the projector isn’t placed too close to any walls that may block its vents.

Check for Firmware Updates 

Making sure the projector has the latest firmware can fix bugs and issues that cause it to power off unexpectedly.

Use a Power Conditioner  

Unstable electricity can disrupt power, so consider a power conditioner to regulate voltage and filter out interference.

Tighten All Connections 

Loose HDMI, power, or other cable connections can cause signal/power loss and auto-shutdown. Ensure all ports are properly secured.

Buy a Projector Mount

Removing the projector from its rugged default footing eliminates vibrations that trip sensors erroneously. Wall/ceiling mounts provide stability.

Calibrate Picture Settings

Check picture modes, brightness levels, and lamp settings aren’t pushing temperatures too high which the unit protects against with shutdowns.

In Summary

With these tips and preventative maintenance best practices, you should be able to identify and address the underlying causes that are wrongly triggering your Benq projector to shut down. 

By implementing some simple checks and upgrades, you can hopefully avoid further frustrations and enjoy your projector’s full capabilities without interruption.