RCA Projector Audio Not Working (8 Ways to Fix)

If you’re having issues with the audio on your RCA projector not working, you’re not alone. 

Many people find themselves in a similar situation, unable to get the surround sound they’ve been promised or, worse, no sound at all. 

But don’t worry, you can fix this problem. 

In this article, I will explain what can be wrong with your RCA projector and how you can troubleshoot it.

How to Fix RCA Projector Audio

1. Bad Connection 

Bad connections between the projector and audio source can cause a lack of sound to come through the device. 

This could be due to loose connections, frayed or damaged cables, or even incompatible ports. 

To solve this issue, check all the cables connected to the projector and ensure they are firmly inserted into their respective ports. 

Inspect for any damage or signs of wear. If you find any damage, replace the cable with a new one that is compatible with your projector and audio source. 

Also, try changing out the port from your audio source to see if that improves the sound quality coming through.

2. Use Audio Transmitter 

Using an audio transmitter can be a great solution when the RCA projectors’ audio is not working. 

An audio transmitter is a device that transmits audio signals over a wireless connection, usually using radio frequency technology. 

The transmitter works by converting an analog signal into a digital signal which can then be sent wirelessly to speakers, stereo systems, or other receivers. 

With this device, you can now easily connect your projector to any compatible speaker. This eliminates the need for cables, meaning you can easily move and position your projector in different locations without worrying about tangling wires. 

Furthermore, since it doesn’t rely on physical connections, audio transmissions are much more reliable with fewer interruptions.

3. Use Another Cable

One of the main reasons your RCA projector audio might not be working is faulty cables. 

If you have determined that all the other components in the system are functioning properly, it would be wise to try out different cables. 

It’s possible that the RCA cable being used is either damaged or simply not compatible with the projector, resulting in no sound output. 

If you don’t have any backup cables lying around, try looking into a local electronics store for a replacement. Many times swapping out an old or faulty cable can help restore audio functionality immediately. 

4. Check Sound Output Source Settings 

Oftentimes, one of the most common reasons is due to incorrect sound output source settings. 

This could mean the sound from the projector is being routed to the wrong device or output port or that it’s connected incorrectly. 

To ensure proper operation of the projector’s sound system, first, check all connections and make sure each cable is properly connected. 

Then, verify that the correct audio output settings are enabled within any applicable menus or control panels. 

If this does not resolve the issue, try to change or switch the sound output source to see if this will resolve the issue. 

5. Check Projector Volume

Another step in troubleshooting this issue is to check the volume settings of your projector. 

Ensure that it is not muted and that the volume level is high enough for you to hear sound through your speakers or headphones. 

If this doesn’t work, try adjusting any other audio settings on your projector, such as equalizer levels or surround sound options, until you find a setting that works for you. 

6. Remove Wireless Interferences 

Another easy fix is to remove wireless interferences. Wireless signals from other devices like phones or laptops can interfere with the projector’s signal and cause it to lose its connection with the speakers. 

To get rid of these interferences, try turning off all nearby wireless devices while using your projector and check if that solves the issue. 

If not, consider moving your projector further away from other electronic equipment to reduce interference levels.

7. Update Software 

If your RCA projector’s audio is not working, you should check to make sure that any software or firmware associated with the projector is up to date. 

You can usually find this information on the manufacturer’s website. If an update is available, installing it as soon as possible is important. 

Ensure to follow all instructions carefully and completely so the update goes smoothly. 

Doing so might fix any potential problems with your projector’s audio. 

Further, keep checking for future software updates and keep your projector up-to-date on all its software components.

8. Contact Customer Support

If your RCA projector has audio issues, contact customer support for assistance. 

Customer support teams are trained and experienced in troubleshooting these types of problems. 

They can provide detailed instructions, technical advice, and helpful tips to help you resolve the issue quickly. 


What kind of speakers do you need for a projector?

For a projector, you need speakers with a 3.5mm input or RCA audio jacks. 

Look for multimedia speakers that support this type of connection if you need to add an external audio source.

Why is my HDMI audio not working?

The most common reason for HDMI audio not working is an incorrect setting in the output audio options of your video source. 

Ensure you have the correct HDMI port selected as output and the volume is properly adjusted. 

Additionally, check for faulty cables or connectors that may be causing signal issues.

Why won’t Netflix play sound on my projector?

The most likely cause of Netflix not playing sound on a projector is that the audio settings are set to the incorrect output device or that another program is using the same audio device. 

Make sure to check your system’s sound settings and ensure that Netflix has access to the correct output device.

Final Words 

These are methods that will help you to resolve your RCA projector audio problems:

  • Bad Connection 
  • Use Audio Transmitter 
  • Use Another Cable
  • Check Sound Output Source Settings 
  • Check Projector Volume
  • Remove Wireless Interferences 
  • Update Software 


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